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“Vision therapy was hard. But it was nice to meet new people and it has helped me see better.”

- Andrew, Vision Therapy Graduate


“I was skeptical on whether vision therapy would be worth the time and money needed to make it successful,

but it was! My son was having trouble with a couple different things and I have been surprised at how he has improved over the months. It has not been easy but completely worth it. Sherry and Dr. Ray are wonderful to work with.

Thank you Maximeyes!”

- Elizabeth, Parent


“We talk so highly about vision therapy to EVERYONE!!! We love our Dr. Ray and Sherry and the hard work D

put into getting to where he needed to be.”

- Lena, Parent


“Wanting to let you both know that when I had a parent teacher conference with H.’s new teacher she had done a reading eval with H. and asked him how he felt about reading and what he liked about it. He had said he enjoyed reading and that he was proud of himself since (he) has had improvement since he used to skip words and get off lines, but he does not do that anymore. Just wanted to let you both know- YOU BOTH DO AN AMAZING JOB, and

need to hear the success stories when they come! ESPECIALLY since they are coming from an 8yr old! Also, the teacher has him reading ahead and at a middle of third grade level. 

Thank you so much!

We enjoyed very much coming to see you every week for many months!”

- Ashley, Parent

“K.’s reading ability has improved beyond belief.  He is now completing entire books on his own!  This is a miracle! 

He is so much more confident, I feel.  He also does not rub his eyes as much as he used to.  He can watch a whole movie/TV show now when before he could not.  I was very skeptical about the program, but the benefits for my child are unbelievable.  He is more confident in his learning and his abilities.”

- Angie, Parent

“Thank you so very much for everything you have done over the past 6 months.  V. has come so far from where she started and we are absolutely thrilled with her progress.  We will certainly miss our weekly sessions, but don’t worry, we will come by and see you often I am sure.”

- Courtney, Parent

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