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Sports Vision Training

While optimal vision is important, there is much more to vision than just seeing clearly. There are many skills that impact how a player sees the field:

  • EYE TRACKING : the ability to keep your eye on the ball or follow a moving object

  • EYE FOCUSING : the ability to maintain clear vision as your eyes change focus quickly and accurately while looking from one distance to another

  • PERIPHERAL VISION : The ability to see people and objects out of the corner of your eye while concentrating on a fixed point

  • DEPTH PERCEPTION : the ability to quickly and accurately judge the distance between yourself, the ball, your opponents, teammates, and boundary lines

  • FUSION AND FLEXIBILITY STAMINA : the ability to keep both eyes working together even under high speed and physically stressful conditions

  • VISUALIZATION : the ability to picture events with your minds eye or imagination, especially as it relates to remembering plays, court position, and planning future action

  • VISUAL CONCENTRATION : the ability to stay on task for increased awareness and fewer distractions

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